Posted: Aug 09, 2016 5:43 am
by ughaibu
igorfrankensteen wrote:
Is philosophy worth bothering with?
Only to the degree that a foundation is worth bothering with, when building a house.
I'm more than a little surprised that only two people here appear to recognize that.
Or perhaps it's just that everyone is in a mood to be flippant about this, since it's such an old and often asked question, mostly by people just discovering the challenges of being old enough to drive.
You've been a member of this board for five years, you must have seen crap like this thread's post no.7 dozens of times. This board is bristling with people who make statements, about philosophy, that are completely ignorant. Consider also the number who appear to be scared to hold any position that they think commits them to a metaphysical stance. It's not just odd, it's pathological.