Posted: Aug 09, 2016 3:36 pm
by VazScep
SpeedOfSound wrote:I don't understand this move against the analytic. Could you explain?
The most classic piece of philosophical analysis is the idea that knowledge is true, justified belief. This isn't how most people use the word "know", but you will find that philosophers will insist that this is the concept (the underlying concept?). That is, until you start talking about Gettier counterexamples, which show that this analysis of knowledge is wrong. That is, until you start doing empirical surveys of people's responses to Gettier cases, and start getting the impression that whether people think it is right or wrong might vary depending on which continent you grew up on.

To put it glibly, analytic philosophy is what you get when you take language --- that system of mouth noises humans hurl at each other --- way too seriously, and continental is what you get when you take language as something that should be constantly undermined. I'm decidedly in the latter camp.