Posted: Nov 29, 2016 11:33 am
by GrahamH
ughaibu wrote:Okay. Tell me what I will not post in the next twenty four hours.
If you cannot do so, give an account that supports your contention and is incompatible with my ability to post whatever the fuck I want to.
This is science, go for it.

You will only post what it occurs to you post, and why will that occur to you? "Free will"? Causal history? Something you hear on the radio? An aroma on the street that reminds you of your childhood and a story your grandma used to tell you? How far can you get in tracing "reasons" for it? And if you could trace every reason where would be the free will? Isn't that just the cover for inevitable gaps in any account of why we think what we do?

“You can do what you decide to do — but you cannot decide what you will decide to do.”
― Sam Harris, Free Will

Why did you decide on that lunch date?