Posted: Nov 29, 2016 3:30 pm
by archibald
GrahamH wrote:It might seem reasonable to extent "me" to include the brain, and the body. Why not include encounters the body has leading up to decision? Why not include your deep past? Aren't your genes "you"? What about all the people I know?

What all the other people I don't know but have encountered however minimally?

It feels odd to say it but as an externalist, I feel I have to admit that ughaibu (no offense to him, he has very good taste in music) is, as I see it, part of 'me' when I'm interacting with him (and after and possibly before, though probably only very very slightly in the latter case, as in the butterfly effect). Iow, the connections in the system don't necessarily have to be across my internal brain synapses or down my blood vessels. They can go along the internet. ... xternalism

But that may be a slight detour, even if related.