Posted: Jan 10, 2017 5:29 am
by romansh
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scott1328 wrote:there is no reason to believe that you would do otherwise if the clock was rewound. Why does that rule out free will? The antecedents have not changed, so the choice should be the same. But this of itself does not mean your choice is forced, or compelled. Your appraisal of the situation has not changed, the prediction of the outcome has not changed. Even in an indeterministic world where a rewind of the clock could have another outcome, does not mean the appraisal process would lead to another choice.

On a technicality ... I have no idea whether we live in an indeterministic world or not.

For me my choice is formed by the antecedent causes ... ultimately these antecedents stretch back to where I have no control over them. But even in the realm of where I think I control them it is chemistry or physics doing its thing. Ultimately it is like saying a meandering river over plain chose its course based on the water flow, topology, geology ... it had free will in choosing its path ... it had no compulsion. The same fundamental forces that apply to the river that apply to us.

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