Posted: Jan 10, 2017 9:41 am
by ughaibu
LucidFlight wrote:Dice obey the laws of physics, whether or not we can currently empirically predict their behaviour.
Let's be quite clear about this. According to the "[all my behaviour] is chemistry or physics doing its thing" view, there are laws of chemistry and physics that entail things like "at 9:20 Ughaibu will open a can of Kinmugi", this is supposedly a fact about the world. If I write down some times and map them to faces of a die, 1-9:10, 2-9:20, 3-9:30, 4-9:40, 5-9:50, 6-10:00, are you contending that if I roll the dice, the fact that the laws of chemistry and physics entail that I'm going to open the beer at 9:20 also entail that the dice will land with the 2-face up? If so, why don't chemists and physicists use this method to solve problems? They could just write down the possible solutions, which of course they could make up as they like, then roll dice to find which is correct.

Surely you people must have gone well past the point where free will denial commits you to things so fantastically daft that you can see for yourselves how ridiculous the position is.