Posted: Jan 18, 2017 1:17 pm
by archibald
VazScep wrote:....aping science wasn't what people wanted anyway. Instead, he suggested we all become literary critics.

It seems to me that people want all sorts of things. If they have a sharp pain in their tummy, they want to know that there is someone they can go to who is going to be able to do more than discuss with them what they feel is meant by 'pain' and 'sharp' and 'tummy'. It has been said that there are no philosophers in ambulances.

Then they also want other things, to do with love, fulfilment, happiness and other stuff.

I think Rorty suggests that there are two sorts of truth, one for each of the above. He calls them public and private (objective and subjective strike me as better terms).

I think this is the appeal of continental philosophy, which is arguably closer to religion, the humanities (politics) and literature than science, with the opposite being the case for analytic philosophy.