Posted: Jan 29, 2017 11:25 pm
by Macdoc
VazScep wrote:
Traditional metaphysics asks after the nature of time, space, substance, causality, freewill, the infinite, and logic, and it tries to do so with pure reflection. The problems metaphysics faces in the 21st century are that: theoretical physicists and mathematicians have far more profound things to say on these matters than metaphysicians ever have; much of what they have to say goes completely against intuition; and they've subjected what they have to say to the scrutiny of experiment and, in the case of mathematics, the task of mechanising the entire subject

excellent summary tho I remain a tad skeptical in tangling the real world with the construct of math so tightly is however explanatory and of course we have Einstein as an excellent example of the interchange between thought experiment, theory, math and observation.

I do think you are correct ( and Jamest wrong ) in that we have moved beyond pure reflection and so in the "natural world"....philosphy has little to contribute beyond perhap examining science itself .

However ethical guidance and untangling human conumdrums that face every generation .....there is value to be had.
I guess one value is that these issues have been pondered for a very long time by a variety of brilliant minds which is in some way reassuring and a link with past minds.

I do however think it is perhaps too much a hothouse closed shop with discussions among the cognoscenti revolving around pet theorems and projects with little real world implications.
The modern equivalent of debating angels on pins.....fascinating in the sweeping erudition and signifying fuck all.

Grounding philosophy into aiding the individual human function and the construct of a rational and desired society ( even framing what is a "desirable society ) at the group level ...I'd like to see more relevance.

For instance the challenge to Adam Smith and the invisible hand..... ... mith-wrong

Could make it more relevant by providing visible positive outcomes in perhaps embracing a different philosphical approach to ....akin to a encouraging a religious conversion ( ie from market uber alle ) but couched in secular terms in recognising humans as communal animals and able to move events in ways they desire.

Get out of the ivory tower and present a foundation ( or two or three ) for living on an overcrowded planet . :coffee: