Posted: Jan 30, 2017 10:04 pm
by archibald
Macdoc wrote:The modern equivalent of debating angels on pins.....fascinating in the sweeping erudition and signifying fuck all.

Indeed. Ditto for your wish for philosophy to try to be more relevant.

Macdoc second major was Eastern philo....

I do sometimes think that the 'western' default of harking back to the Greeks is overplayed. :)

Macdoc wrote:and some of the questions of perception example...when do three smaall black rocks and a corn cob become a doll remind me all the time of the malleable nature of how we view what "is".

I'm lost. Lack of familiarity.

Macdoc wrote:Some of the two black bodies thought experiments intrigue me even in pondering something so simple as what use is a map if you don't know where you are ( ie no point of reference ).


Macdoc wrote:I guess I want a Carl Sagan for the philo crowd.

There was a guy on another forum who used to incessantly put the boot in psychology, very much like philosophy gets the boot incessantly put into it here (including by me at times). He used to say that psychology hasn't had its Newton yet. :)