Posted: Jan 30, 2017 10:49 pm
by Macdoc

Macdoc wrote:
and some of the questions of perception example...when do three smaall black rocks and a corn cob become a doll remind me all the time of the malleable nature of how we view what "is".

I'm lost. Lack of familiarity.

Unless you are familiar with Upanishads you would be...
The parable was
You have a corncob
You stick a small black rock into it....
It's then a corncob with a black rock
You stick a second small black rock near the first
It's a corncob with two black rocks near each other.
You put a third black rock below and equidistant from the a sort of trangle....

a what point does it become a doll.....?


very simple....right on the money.