Posted: Feb 01, 2017 10:15 pm
by archibald

That seems like a variation on some of the sorts of things that western philosohy asked too. I suppose psychologists would have some useful answers. I suppose it's not entirely unlike when does the shape of a cloud which resembles a figure or an animal stop resembling one as it slowly morphs or disperses. I sometime stare at clouds while this is happening. :)

What I found most interesting about your post was the hope that philosophy could become more relevant, rather than mostly going around Ivory towers in ever-decreasing esoteric circles getting nowhere on irrelevant issues.

I wonder, is this latter generally a 'western' thing. Is the situation similar in the 'east'' or is philosophy there more relevant to everyday life?

I do not know much about 'eastern' philosophy, but my general impression is that it is a bit more concerned with questions like 'how best to live' rather than 'how do we define the word 'best'' and 'how do we define the word 'how', etc....