Posted: Aug 09, 2017 12:49 pm
by SpeedOfSound
GrahamH wrote:
SpeedOfSound wrote:
The thing that does not exist is those green and red strawberry percept-o-plasms in that video Graham posted. Those are the spooks.

romansh had seemed to be asking that sort of question, but now I think the question is 'is my colour discrimination accurate?' which is a simpler 'yes'.

When you listen to a narrative that starts out with doubt about perception and then ends up with nothing is real I always feel like I have been tricked somehow. Baboozled. It's sleight of mind and it seems to be done by focusing on this pervasive idea that percepts are somehow real objects in our heads.

But we know there is something in our heads when we are perceiving cuz we are physicalists. Being physicalists we believe what we perceive and one of the things we can perceive is a brain scan. Then comes the little twist. We are then asked to believe that this something real, that we know is there, in our heads, is one and the same with consciousness spook. The Green Strawberry that can be either green or red or whatever. Then the whole thing has shifted so that the thing in our heads somehow becomes more real than the thing that caused it to be in our heads.

I have always pointed out that if there is no red strawberry then surely there can be no in-our-heads to begin with and the entire argument pulls itself up by it's bootstrap and throws itself away.

This is the little trick that has fooled five hundred years of philosophers until Dan Dennett came along and leaked the 'magic'.