Posted: Aug 09, 2017 3:22 pm
by GrahamH
romansh wrote:
GrahamH wrote:
I think you are asking if you could see the difference in colour between the red bus and a similar red.

No, I am not Graham.

I am asking is the surface of the bus actually/physically red? The physics of light and vision suggest not.

Then I don't know what you mean. The physics of light suggest there are characteristics of the bus that play a large part in it looking red and the physics of light spectra can be compared between objects to discriminate on colour. The term 'physical colour' was used earlier and is an accurate discriminator. Our subjective experience of colour is closely correlated with that. Independent observers can agree on the relative intensities of red green and blue light. So why do you say "The physics of light and vision suggest not"? :scratch: