Posted: Aug 13, 2017 3:46 pm
by romansh
zoon wrote:
Perhaps, whether or not something counts as an illusion depends on whether one is deceived by it. isleading illusions.

Perhaps ... I am reminded of a magic show I went to at Niagara Falls. A lady disappeared from the cage and a honking big tiger appeared. Was I deceived by it? No. Was it an illusion? Is the man staging the tricks a magician or an illusionist? So ultimately this could be a semantic storm in a tea cup.

Having said that, I have tried to be consistently clear that by illusion I mean not as it seems.

So here I don't mean my qualia of the bus being red, means that the bus is that same red (if it indeed does have a colour). So the bus seems red to me but it may (likely) not actually be the red of my qualia.

This has nothing to do with how good my colour (photons of different wavelengths causing photochemical reactions in my retina) discrimination is or how useful it may be.