Posted: Aug 13, 2017 11:49 pm
by jamest
GrahamH wrote:
scott1328 wrote:Red cannot be an illusion, if an illusion is defined as "not what it seems," and "red" is defined to be a label the mind attaches to a particular class of sensations.

The point is that labels are not the things they refer to.

Graham, as you acknowledge consciousness and/or the brain has no absolute/direct knowledge/observation of anything, so please therefore inform us of something which is not an illusion.

Materialists/physicalists are demonstrably guilty of associating the meaning of 'illusion' wrt popular experience/learning which have no actual bearing upon ontology/metaphysics. Guilty of irrational/incorrect conceptualization.

How you bunwits attain the confidence to hang around the philosophy forum as though you own the joint, will always be a puzzle to me.