Posted: Aug 15, 2017 9:19 am
by DavidMcC
jamest wrote:...
A child can have a complete understanding of colours yet be a retard when it comes to science. So what a child (or even an adult) 'sees' is not distinctions between the wavelengths etc. of photons. That's a fact, otherwise the brain would know this as THIS is what the materialist/physicalist insists what 'colour' amounts to!!!!!!!!!


What do you even mean by "a complete understanding of colours"? The child may be able to see all the colours that a typical person sees (ie, ROYGBIV), but understanding has to do with concepts, not percepts, which in turn are mainly a function of wavelength (with some distortions possible, due to the colour optical illusions already discussed.

You seem to think that anything claimed by a physicalist must be wrong, but the opposite of physicalist is religious fantasist!