Posted: Aug 15, 2017 11:40 am
by GrahamH
scott1328 wrote:No. Graham put forward the definition of "red" as a label for a perception. Perception is merely a synonym for a "seeming". If red is merely a seeming and only a seeming, it can never be an illusion (not what it seems) that would be a contradiction in terms.

I am not defending that definition of red, (nor am I defending Romansh's definition of llusion);

The idea that red is qualia experience had by a subject mind could be not as it seems / not as most understand it to be. It's something often taken to be a certainty. I suggested it could be a label for self seeing red bus which is subtly different to red bus. I think we tend to think we just see a red bus and we are an independent subjective observer having sensory experiences, which implies colour qualia and selves are in some sense separate real things, which may be an illusion, not as it seems / as we understand it to be.