Posted: Aug 17, 2017 2:17 pm
by GrahamH
DavidMcC wrote:Apologies not coming just yet, until I've got more clarity over your apparent support for people claiming to see grey strawberries as red, while denying that they have any vision issues!

Since you seem to be unaware of what you have posted here's a reminder:

DavidMcC wrote:
GrahamH wrote:Yes, the strawberries look red ( a rather bluish-red). The very reason that picture has been so widely circulated is because people see red. Ditto for the black/blue/white/gold dress where people are convinced it is one or the other colour combination.
I think it is more because the background is so un-red more than an internal model of what colour strawberries should be.

They still look grey-blue to me, I'm afraid, not in the least red.

That's me saying I DON'T think expectation is the explanation.
You go on to accuse people of having defective vision while admitting that your own vision not like that of other people. Maybe your vision is 'defective'. Just because you can't see what others see doesn't make you right and them wrong. This is just something to do with how colour perception works. There's no point just rejecting it. It's a real and interesting phenomena.