Posted: Aug 17, 2017 5:25 pm
by romansh
DavidMcC wrote:Yes, but you were accepting that grey strawberries look red, which is absurd.
Perhaps I should instead have challenged The_Metatron to prove that it is true that MOST people would see grey strawberries as red, but you did not do so. I can't believe it is true.
Also, I reject your claim that I could be the one with "defective" vision, because it is abnormal to see grey as red just because red is the expected colour. For that reason, I suspect that The_Met is being mischievous here.

Well I can see red ... and if I remember correctly someone explained why people do see red when the strawberry picture was originally posted.

So the question arises your vision is different? If you really care why not set up a new post with a poll to see how many people see a tinge of red in the strawberries. As so far you are the only one claiming not to see red.

And as Metatron pointed out if the potion of picture is masked the illusion of redness goes. It's all in this thread earlier.