Posted: Aug 20, 2017 6:09 pm
by romansh
GrahamH wrote:
"truer colour"? What colour do you think those actual strawberries were? They were red, of course, not grey or blue. Colour constancy allows us to correctly identify things by colour even in unusual lighting conditions. Someone who can't do that is at a disadvantage.

So if I were in a room painted with monochromatic green and blue illuminated with monochromatic blues and green could my mind be tricked into seeing red where there was none?

But ultimately it does not answer the question whether the surface of real life strawberries have the colour I perceive and does it even make sense to think that the strawberries are actually red. The physics here is not at issue. The redness of the strawberry is completely a product of my mind, bearing in mind photons around 64o nm are striking my retina, photochemical reactions are occurring in my cones, charge is being transferred down my optic nerve, the signal/charge is being processed in my brain and I perceive a redness.

Sure my perception is correlated with the surface properties of the strawberry, but that is all.