Posted: Aug 21, 2017 1:52 pm
by scott1328
romansh wrote:No I don't mean that. While you might not know it is true, I am asking what do you think about the ability of being able to do otherwise?

Independent of cause whether deterministic, quantum or some other option as yet unimagined.

scott1328 wrote:For my part, to claim any effect as acausal is incoherent; that is, such a claim is not even wrong. You may thus infer that I reject any formulation free will that requires non-caused choices.

scott1328 wrote:I do not accept that "could have done otherwise" is the sine qua non of free will.

To me it is about prediction, oppurtunities, evaluation of oppurtunities, and consequences. To me, free will cannot exist unless cuase and effect are in full operation. Otherwise prediction of likely outcomes and consequences are impossible.