Posted: Aug 23, 2017 6:29 am
by GrahamH
scott1328 wrote:An agent has free will if that agent has the capacity to evaluate and predict the outcome of its choices and identify and weigh foreseeable outcomes. An agent has made use of its free will if it is able to apply its prediction and evaluation capabilities when choosing a course of action.

Choices are caused as is everything else in the universe. Because choices are caused one agent can predict the choices another agent will make. That some agent might be able to predict what another agent might do, does not take away that other agent's free will.

Is that clear enough?

That is a catch-all that fits traditionally non-free will coerced scenarios, computers, obeying explicit instructions etc. It seems to miss the whole "author of my own life" aspect.
It seems very clear to me that if agents were predictable to the extent you seem to imply they would seem like robots rather than free will agents - just going through the motions, following the rules.

You seem to be in the same camp as John Platko. Free will algorithms - more data = more freedom.

Not to forget the cultural reference point of Adam & Eve as agents using free will despite dire predicted consequences. Free will means not necessarily following rules and always taking the 'right choice'. That opens up the unpredictable taking of the low probability hopeful choice, not because things are predictable, but because the unpredictable isn't always bad.

Maybe you are confusing "free will agent" with "rational agent".