Posted: Sep 02, 2017 12:43 pm
by DavidMcC
GrahamH wrote:
DavidMcC wrote:Graham, that is the first I've seen of your so-called "original", The first version of the strawberry picture that I saw had no red in it at all, but this new one definitely has. Are you just trying to cause confusion, or what?

The point of my previous post was precisely to show that the bits that look red are not red. They have significantly more blue and green than red.

I suggest you do what I did and look at the pixel values and erase the image surrounding a 'red' bit.

Why would you refuse to believe there is no red in the image? That is the point of the illusion. At least look at the data before blustering about how there is red because it looks red to you (now).

It's not a conspiracy against you, it's an optical illusion that shows something interesting about how we see colour.
So you think this is red?


There is no red in the original picture, which is the whole point of the illusion. :nono:

So now you see it, do you?

OK, so the background colour was complimentary to red (turquoise), so it is one of the standard colour illusions.
However, your original picture of strawberries was entirely in b/w, yet you insisted that you saw them as red, not grey, because you EXPECTED to see them as red. With today's picture, I did not see red just because I expected to see red, but by colour contrast. The point is that I would therefore have seen them as red even if they were not shaped like strawberries, or anything that's normally red.
EDIT: Again, I do not see anything as red just because I expect to - the colour-contrast effect works independently of expectations.