Posted: Feb 17, 2018 1:58 am
by jamest
surreptitious57 wrote:My goal is knowledge acquisition

One of the reasons I stopped watching Mastermind was the ridiculousness of people who had spent years of their life researching the facts surrounding Disney etc., if you get my drift.

One cannot define one's goal as you have without first taking the time to comprehend the kind of knowledge which is significant. Otherwise, one is in danger of going to one's grave knowing fuck-all about anything, except the kind of carrots Bugs Bunny preferred.

If you don't understand this metaphor as a promotion for devoting your life to metaphysics, I'll understand. But you are at least one of the lucky ones since 99% of us, even in here, will never realise that they've devoted the totality of their lives pertaining to facts about a cartoon-rabbit, so to speak.

You are lucky to have known me, for few at this time have been offered an escape route. You have. If you choose to ignore it then don't cry at the exit gates.