Posted: Feb 23, 2018 3:26 am
by surreptitious57
Destroyer wrote:
surreptitious57 wrote:
Destroyer wrote:
If the fact that Nature exhibits incompatible behaviors which ALL scientists are well aware of means that there
is ghost minds I guess you need to ask them about that then

Nature does not exhibit incompatible behaviours at all. The incompatibility is with the models that humans have
devised to explain how Nature functions. So you are confusing the map with the territory. They are not the same
One is merely an approximation of the other. That is where the incompatibility arises. If Nature was incompatible
it could not actually function and so there are no such things as ghost minds

You have no idea what the hell you are talking about. If the models do not demonstrate compatibility in Nature then compatibility cannot simply be assumed. If the territory only has the appearance of Reality but Reality actually happens
to differ ( because there is deliberate deception in Nature for example ) then no matter how hard one tries the models
will always show this discrepancy. So to say that the models are not the territory is complete and utter nonsense. With
out first knowing what the territory actually is - despite how it appears to be - one simply cannot assume that the models are not accurate descriptions

For the third time : the incompatibility is not with Reality or Nature but with the models describing Reality or Nature
Models are maps not the territory itself. And one definitely knows that models are not accurate descriptions but only approximations because science is inductive not deductive

Also the irony of you saying I have no idea what I am talking about when you cannot demonstrate paradox in Nature
yet assert it and say you know it exists because you just do