Posted: Feb 23, 2018 6:36 am
by Fallible
BlackBart wrote:
Fallible wrote:
BlackBart wrote:
Fallible wrote:He'll be back. He still has that cosmic revelation to unveil. He's definitely not just saying he has a cosmic revelation to unveil to make himself feel important. He's definitely going to make the revelation. Any day now.

Is his cosmic revelation, that is to say, his revelation that is cosmic, his?

It is his, that it is, and it is as follows.

Ahem. Ahem-hem. AHEM!AHEM-HEM-HEM! AHEM!!

Does he have a second cosmic revelation?

That is to say he has a brace of revelations that are cosmic? That are his?

He, brackets Miss Dee Stroyer, close brackets, is going to say his revelation now. The next thing he says will be his revelation.