Posted: Feb 23, 2018 4:14 pm
by Sendraks
Destroyer wrote:
Oh, I'll definitely be back, Fallible, just not in this thread. And that revelation that you keep referring to, is not mine, but God Himself.

God is actually going to put in an appearance then? Provide some undeniable evidence that they actually exist?
They going to stick around for a Q&A as well, because there's quite a few choice questions to answer.

1 - Where the fuck have you been?
2 - Why do you insist on creating natural phenomenon that kill millions of people?
3 - Do you really have anything against the gays?
4 - In fact, why are you apparently so interested what people get up to in the bedroom?
5 - Why create a universe that is so inhospitable to life?
6 - Is Thor a laugh?