Posted: Feb 24, 2018 12:00 am
by jamest
My wandering mind leads me all over the place, including [now] to this thought: that there are more ways than one to pinpoint a Christ.

... I mean, let's leave out the 'physical evidence' of miracles, which no doubt most of you here would consider bullshit anyway. David Blaine stuff, or whatever, if not outright lies.

I'm talking about the signs of a Christ in a persona? What then would you expect, devoid of the 'physical magic'? Serious question. Honest guv'.

I mean, you obviously have to be open-minded in this thread and therefore retract any surety in your physicalist beliefs, but this is the philosophy forum so what the hell.

Beyond physical miracles, what would you expect of the The Christ? This is a genuine question, so spare me the BS. I'm so tired of the BS.