Posted: Feb 24, 2018 1:32 am
by Thommo
It's a defining characteristic that the messiah can meet and surpass any and all expectations put on them. That is one of the clearest ways they could do that.

If you want personal or personality descriptors, they would be surpassingly and unfailingly "nice", surpassingly and unfailingly "intelligent" and so on. Wise, benevolent, kind, understanding. These are the qualities ascribed to the character, beyond their divine ability to suspend the laws of nature and heal the sick. On top of that a prospective messiah would have to be inhumanly able to avoid error, they would never be wrong, even when pressed to do tricky arithmetic like calculate the 17th root of pi to 50 decimal places at a snap of the fingers.

The combination of those two things would naturally lead to the performance of miracles though. If I was able to heal the sick with a wave of my hand, I'd bloody well do it, and I'm only "middling nice" on a good day.