Posted: Feb 25, 2018 11:50 am
by GrahamH
Thommo wrote:
GrahamH wrote:But in his philosophy there is no "outside" There is only "The One". Think of it as him opening up to his own "subconscious" He doesn't entirely deny that "other people" have valuable things to say, but he thinks 'they' are part of him.

Whatever they are, and I don't feel like quibbling over the label, "the voices outside his head" aren't telling him why he is right, or that he is right.

No, but he is challenging them, as he does in most of his posts, because he like to think his beliefs are thoroughly rational. In his mind he has challenged the sceptics (and, he claims, professors of philosophy) and they can't refute his logic so he is right. That this is largely fantasy is beside the point.

If you have a better explanation for his creating this topic what is it?