Posted: Mar 20, 2018 12:51 am
by jamest
Sendraks wrote:Why is this only a problem now?

The problem is apparent now because I personally have become aware of how bad it is at this time, though I admit that the 'selfie culture disease' thing might have been apparent to many for several years. How old is facebook, I dunno? I have zero interest in said culture, except via my kids.

I'm here to discuss it because it needs to be discussed. If you're implying that it's been discussed for 'ages' and nothing can be done about it, then fuck that. All the more need for a discussion.

Historically people have been "taking selfies" for centuries.

I refered to that in the OP. The difference then as opposed now is that only an elite proportion of the population considered themselves special.

These days, many peasants seek the same glory. Not because of their inheritance/roots, but because of their personality/looks/abilities/etc.. Hence, social media has fueled an egotistical frenzy. Ego usurping ego. Not the cold war, but the cool war. And most of it has its basis in what you look like; what you can afford to buy for yourself; or whatever. Regardless, the bottom line is YOU, baby.

... That's my concern in a nutshell: that all of this technology is turning us ALL into egotistical retards.

I'm trying my best NOT to offend here, but it's impossible as we are all to some degree egotistical. However, anyone here who has witnessed the excessive egotism I have on social media (and I myself barely use it), must surely understand my concerns??

I often refer to people as muppets/parrots. What more evidence do you want, than your kids pretending to be Beyonce in McDonalds, so to speak?

This could be a serious/constructive discussion. Or else you can call me a cunt and/or report me for being a troll. I have no expectations either way. I'm just doing what I have to do, like the guy who offers a homeless man a hot drink.