Posted: Mar 20, 2018 1:15 am
by Sendraks
For clarity - what do you mean by egotistical?

My understanding of the word is that it means someone who is excessively self-absorbed, self-centred or conceited. By the very definition of the word, is [b]not[/] possible for a person to be egotistical to "some" degree. You are either egotistical or your are not. Someone who is, to some degree, self-absorbed, is not egotistical.

Also "excessive egotism" is a tautology as egotism is excessive in and of itself.

As for your comments about "peasants seeking the same glory" this would be both you ignoring what I have written and also you projecting again. You are projecting motives/behaviours onto others and then getting annoyed with people, because of the internally generated nonsense you've put onto them. That ain't healthy. It sure as hell isn't an evidence base on which to base a discussion about human behaviour.

What it is, is an unhealthy behaviour which can be corrected with the right help and support.