Posted: Mar 20, 2018 1:45 am
by The_Piper
It's funny how brains are. I often think to myself that people who say that most people are robots/muppets/sheep/what have you, are egotistical. They never seem to call themselves muppets. They're the ones with their eyes open while most everyone else is dumb. The real world isn't like that at all, I assure you.
I'm not saying that you're egotistical Jamest. Just that it's funny how brains are. :drunk:
Selfies often serve a purpose. Of course some people are narcissistic, it must be one of, or the most common personality disorder. :pc: Ok, second to OCD. I forgot about that one.
But most are to share something with friends and family who may not have seen each other in months or years. There's nothing wrong with that, selfies are a great thing.

Added emoticon so y'all'll know what ails ales me tonight. :shifty: