Posted: Apr 10, 2018 12:33 am
by SafeAsMilk
jamest wrote:At some point, I need to acquire a diplomacy qualification obviously, as none of you trust me.

I'm not sure what trust has to do with anything, but you'd find less need for diplomacy qualifications if you'd just answer straightforward, incredibly relevant questions when they're put to you.

I've spent two decades of my limited experience trying to get to know and understand you all sufficient to the point that you would SERIOUSLY engage with a theist. For the most part, that's been a failure, though not entirely.

My last attempt to seriously engage with you ended with you refusing to answer my questions, beating your chest and running away. How do you expect anyone to take that seriously?

It's almost an impossible sell, I admit, but at some point one of you guys will realise, even after this, that I was just james doing God stuff.

And at some point you will realize that you're just jamest doing jamest stuff. See how pointless unqualified declarations like this are? Why do you insist on using them? Why don't you do something useful, like answer the question that's directly relevant to your OP and will help people have a meaningful discussion about it? Why does it seem like you're always trying as hard as you can to not do this?