Posted: Jun 29, 2018 6:30 am
by zulumoose
My take on this is that often trying to weigh things up on paper, especially personal things involving preferences, can be very misleading. One can try really hard to be objective and look at the facts and likelihood of things panning out in different ways, but it can seem like too many unknowns are involved, or the comparisons are "apples and oranges" type things, where logical reasoning seems impractical. It is easy to feel lost in such situations.

In such cases, the unconscious mind has perhaps made its own evaluation of things, based on preferences and opinions that cannot be described and understood logically. Intuitive reasoning, you could call it. Easy to dismiss as emotional, and sometimes wrong, but there is good reason to suspect that how you feel about something is often based on good reason, whether you know it or not. Certainly when the choices seem impossible when trying to be more rational about it, you are more likely to be right when choosing what feels right.

I read a book recently, can't remember the title, concerning first impressions. It was about decisions made within 2 minutes, before the logical mind starts to weigh up the facts. One of the things that stuck out was that when people watch a video of a doctor talking to patients, the impression they form, within about 30 seconds, is about 80% accurate on whether the doctor is likely to be sued for malpractice, more accurate than how the insurance companies evaluate the doctor. This is because we don't want to blame someone we trust, even if they are more likely to screw up, and we do want to blame someone we don't trust, EVERY time they screw up. The point is, trying to be logical can sometimes be counterproductive because we end up evaluating the wrong things, the unconscious mind sometimes just knows better, and this is only expressed through feelings and emotions.