Posted: Jun 29, 2018 6:15 pm
by jamest
felltoearth wrote:
jamest wrote:Faced with a difficult and often life-changing decision, you'll sometimes get the advice to go where the heart is. Of course the heart is just an organ within the chest, but the essence of such advice is to emotionally choose that which would make you happiest regardless of reasoned considerations. This to me implies that the heart/emotion is deemed to be devoid of any attachment to reason.
So, is it?

I haven't made my mind up about anything yet, nor come to any conclusions - including berating the idea that you should go where the heart is. I'm just chewing the fat for now and will give it further thought.

I don't think I've ever gotten that advice. Where there's a choice involved and one is having a rational impasse, I've often heard "go with your gut" which is similar I suppose.
I don't know how this could form the basis of any in depth philosophical discussion however.

Well, I was contemplating whether one's emotions/heart are totally detached from reason. I mean, emotional desires often fly in the face of reason and occasionally we might be persuaded to go with the heart so to speak and just 'see what happens' after.

I did this myself back in the year 2000. Gave up my job, sold my half-share in my house, packed up and fucked off 250 miles for love's sake. I'm sure many of you have made similar choices throughout your lives.