Posted: Jul 02, 2018 12:48 am
by Thommo
I'm always mildly curious, when you have these little outbursts, do you actually think you're doing something clever, constructive or impressive? I can't help but wonder what it is you think you're doing, in your own mind, are you defending idealism? Taking down evolutionary theory? Sticking it to the people who quite clearly don't give a shit about physicalism?

It really feels like the idea that someone who wasn't talking about metaphysics, who has no history of talking about metaphysics (aside from the one post where she explained that some people don't care about physicalism that was linked) and made no metaphysical assumptions probably wasn't trying to turn the conversation to metaphysics just cannot be that hard to get.

It seems to me that you must be aware on some level that you know "just piss off" is a pretty impotent reaction to having it pointed out that there's some tension between calling metaphysical assumption worthless in one breath and making metaphysical assumptions in the next. It really does seem likely that you know it looks like you're just massively ducking the challenge you set for yourself in asserting that evolution is a metaphysical assumption at the very first sign of mild scrutiny.