Posted: Jul 02, 2018 3:46 am
by Cito di Pense
jamest wrote:You're akin to a lawyer for Hitler saying that he only mentioned gas chambers a half-dozen times in a decade. Just piss off.

You probably should not be including your observations of Hitler and lawyers and gas chambers if you are arguing against the relevance of observations in establishing anything metaphysical. Yet you repeatedly do stuff like this as soon as you observe that your latest attempt at your argument starts to break down. I guess we can say that you observe that your argument has started to break down again. But never mind: You can go back to denying flatly that these are observations. Do you somehow experience Hitler differently from the way any other aspect of the Great All does? If you do, you should explain how you go about using your experience of Hitler exactly the same way anyone else would who is instead treating Hitler as some kind of observation.

Thommo wrote:It seems to me that you must be aware on some level that you know "just piss off" is a pretty impotent reaction to having it pointed out that there's some tension between calling metaphysical assumption worthless in one breath and making metaphysical assumptions in the next. It really does seem likely that you know it looks like you're just massively ducking the challenge you set for yourself in asserting that evolution is a metaphysical assumption at the very first sign of mild scrutiny.

Using Hitler as a rhetorical device, as jamest is doing, means that (in jamest's cosmology) Hitler has existed from the moment of creation for use as a rhetorical device.

jamest wrote:What I do deny or object to is that physical things cause this.

Well, that's fine, jamest. Your brand of 'idealism' treats anything and everything as nothing more than rhetorical devices, even metaphysical assumptions. I guess that is a variety of metaphysical assumption. However, even from your own perspective, it utterly disposes of your rhetorical devices as any sort of threat to anyone else's metaphysical assumptions. You will just have to do better.

jamest wrote:Now for sure we ALL know that you're playing politics...

Oooh, look! Another rhetorical device, arriving out of left field. Come on, jamest. Either take metaphysical argument seriously, or just stick to playing politics.