Posted: Jul 02, 2018 7:54 pm
by Fallible
I also think I'd like to ask for a definition of 'emotion'. This is why.

All our behaviours emanate from a 'feeling', in the sense that we are motivated to behave, motivated to act or not act, according to the situation. The not-nice feeling of being hungry causes us to feel that things are not satisfactory in accordance with our intrinsic goal of staying alive, and so we are motivated to find food. The feeling of wanting to be nice to someone so that we can feel that we are greasing the wheels of society to ease our passage in accordance with our intrinsic goal of staying alive motivates us to help the old lady across the road. Motivated to act or not act in accordance with what we evaluate to be the 'best' thing. But 'best' is subjective. Subjectivity is the property of being based on personal feelings. Normally we are motivated to do that which sustains life, because sustaining our lives is 'good' us subjectively. 'Good' is a judgement based on subjective valuing, and we don't always act to sustain life. Sometimes we act to end life because that seems 'best'. Committing life-sustaining acts is rewarded by dopamine, which makes us feel good. We like to feel good, so we continue to commit such acts according to our subjective valuation. In these ways people propel themselves towards the continuance or the termination of their subjective lives. We may use reasoning to help us decide what is 'best', but that's engendered by a feeling that 'best' is 'best'.

It's easy to make word salad such as this without concrete definitions of terms.

I trust that's clear as mud.