Posted: Jul 21, 2018 11:48 pm
by scott1328
The_Metatron wrote:
BlackBart wrote:
jamest wrote:
BlackBart wrote:The Romans had a pretty good handle on the science of acoustics even before they decided to nail hippys to planks. Just because some 19th/20th century special education cases couldn't grasp it and tried to cover it up with 'philosophy' doesn't mean nobody else had already worked it out.

With all due respect, the Romans had no interest in anything that didn't improve their materialistic wealth and power. Certainly, to pretend that they had a scientific grasp of observational/experiential concepts is just daft, since secondary definitions of observations via the experience of sight/sound/etc. have only been forthcoming in more recent centuries. Certainly, the definition of sound as currently defined by science has no bearing upon Roman knowledge/beliefs/culture. Again, I cannot fathom why you have mentioned the Romans, but it seems utterly daft to me.

Wow... I... um... Not quite sure how to respond to that. Erm...anyone? :dunno:

This is begging for Monty Python, you know.

Why? What has Monty Python done for any of us?