Posted: Jul 22, 2018 3:13 pm
by imahaider
jamest wrote:
imahaider wrote:"fucking medieval retard"

Q: If a megalomaniac postulates in a philosophy forum, and anyone dares disagree, does it make an audible cursing sound?

A: 99:1 - yes. And someone, or something, will likely pay dearly.

You don't know me but after just 5 posts within this forum, where I've been a member since its onset, you've proclaimed that I'm a 'megalomaniac'.

I'm therefore calling you a stupid trolling cunt. I'm also inviting you to fuck off back to whichever shithole you came here from, with a frozen badger stuck up your fuckin' arsehole as a souvenir of your time here.

You haven't earned the right to abuse me, squire. Come back in about 5000 posts and I might not abuse your arsehole after you've abused me. Otherwise, just don't fucking come back. I really don't give two shits either way.

It is precisely from your long history of narcissistic and arrogant diatribes that I am able to properly label you as a megalomaniac, as several colleagues and acquaintances here would surely concur. Your infantile name-calling and adolescent vocabulary do nothing to improve that honest and accurate observation. Quite the contrary.
Further, imagining that you are capable of abusing me, especially over the internet, exhibits the pretentious pomposity of one fully immersed in a spectacularly delusional life. Unless, of course, the intended results of your effort to "abuse" me is to leave me rolling on the floor in hysterical laughter. Then I must admit, "You got me, snowflake."