Posted: Aug 31, 2018 12:07 am
by jamest
We're all tired of the bullshit and the bullshitters who have a preference for some form of politics.

That's right, it's all bullshit. If I'd have been born in the 19th century and have heard Lincoln's wanking-the-mind speeches, or even Churchill's 80 years on, I might have been dumb enough to fly the flag. But you can ALL fuck off now. It's gotten to the stage where I'd much rather sit on a fucking rug three times a day and face East for 5 minutes, listening to any bollocks, than put up with the fucking bullshit I hear on the news any more about Western politicians. The fucking lot of them are cunts.

There are doomsday predictions about the weather/war etc. every day, but my prediction is that social media will ultimately fuel a revolution whereby all bollocks (including religious) will be cut off. In the end there will be an elected leader of the people for the people. I sincerely hope that no experience of pain is involved, but history indicates that this is the likely outcome. Regardless, he or she won't be representing the USA, he or she will be representing the whole planet.

That's the future: One ruler for One planet.

It's not even necessarily a spiritual prediction. I mean, all we need is a level of disgust sufficient to progress thus. I'm quite convinced that many of us have reached that already.