Posted: Sep 01, 2018 12:40 am
by jamest
Hermit wrote:
jamest prediction is that social media will ultimately fuel a revolution whereby all bollocks (including religious) will be cut off. In the end there will be an elected leader of the people for the people. I sincerely hope that no experience of pain is involved, but history indicates that this is the likely outcome. Regardless, he or she won't be representing the USA, he or she will be representing the whole planet.

That's the future: One ruler for One planet.

Dream on. We have one ruler for this one planet already, but it's not a person. It's the global economy. The social media are owned and manipulated by it, not for the benefit of democracy or any other high-faluting ideal, but the bottom line. In principle the past will be like the future - haves lording it over the havenots. If the latter get anywhere near becoming unmanageable the internet will be restricted or cut off entirely.

This won't happen in the future as already there are global solutions to local restrictions/prices. For instance, I've just recently as a UK citizen purchased a sim from Germany which allowed me to use my phone and mobile data in North America, including Canada and Mexico. The same company also seemed to supply sims for almost the whole world. The point being that nearly ALL the governments in the World will be recquired to get together in order to stop this practise. In which case by then, if it happens, we'll be on the brink of a global revolution anyway. In which case, it will happen, soon enough.