Posted: Sep 04, 2018 12:22 am
by jamest
It's the 21st century but according to the fucking experts 'we' have been strutting our stuff for a very long time.

So, it's the 21st century, Trump, etc..

Looks like some cunt like Darwin got it wrong, since as far as I can tell the survival of the fittest doesn't apply here, just the survival of the most popular/powerful idea/practise. Which, ironcally, over time, will be detrimental to the 'best physical model'.

Therefore, since Darwin's model isn't universal, as evident, I've decided to come on here and strip him of his crowns. The cunt was obviously a genius for his time of course, but there's only room for one God and that's just james. Just joking. Well, maybe not. I'll sleep on it.