Posted: Sep 04, 2018 1:10 pm
by Hermit
Dolorosa wrote:Gotcha. I suppose it depends on how one defines sociobiology. In its larger context, it would if not incorporate cultural anthropology then at least heavily borrow from it.

May I ask if you've read Steven Pinker's Better Angels of Our Nature? Without going into the obvious criticisms, he did cover a multitude of theories attempting to explain precisely what you say remains unaccountable - social systems becoming less violent. So, from what I understand, theories are there; it's a matter of testing and agreeing on them. The larger argument would be the extent to which social/soft sciences are scientific but the same could easily be volleyed, for example, against some of the more esoteric hard sciences such as theoretical cosmology.

Personally, I do see a lot of value in meme distribution/evolution related theories - it's just another puzzle in a bigger picture - but I do appreciate that certain redactionist theories tend to go against the grain and take a lot longer to get any traction among more established disciplines.

To start with, the more established disciplines hinge on "human nature". Sociobiology, evolutionary behaviourism and others are part and parcel of them.

And no, I have not read anything by Pinker.