Posted: Sep 08, 2018 10:37 am
by SpeedOfSound
Again, I do not think we are being clear about what exactly it is we are wanting to explain when we ask for an explanation of C. There is some missing semantic analysis here.

Is it a thing or a process? What if that statement is itself wrong-headed? Maybe a category error?

Can we make sense of a contrast between conscious and unconscious 'processing'? What is the evidence for the item we wish to explain?

Back to table salt. I think even table salt is not quite thoroughly hashed out yet in it's semantics. Though we are a lot closer to success with explaining salt we think.

I have a salt shaker here. I can see it. I am aware of it. I am attending to it. I have some explanations for it. I am aware and attending to those right now.

See the problem? The meta level we wanting to get to? The encroaching stink of dualism?