Posted: Sep 11, 2018 5:38 am
by Thommo
I have intrinsic value - which is to say I value not experiencing negative feelings and emotions and experiencing positive ones (with no ontological commitments about what I mean by experiencing, feeling etc.). I don't want to be cold, hungry, lonely, in pain. I do want to be warm, comfortable, loved, entertained, intellectually stimulated.

That is more that I assign values to states and to actions than that "I" have a value though. It would also be difficult to evaluate what "improvement" of value would mean. Is my value improved if I take more concern over meeting my own needs and less over the needs of others, or vice versa? Is there a golden mean, or is greed good? With no extrinsic scale on which to measure the question is in danger of looking circular or degenerate.

In the abstract I'm not sure I do have value. If I were gone the universe would not miss me and I would not miss the universe. As for everybody, there are people who would be saddened if I died suddenly and they would have preferred my continued existence, and in that sense (as for anyone) I could be said to have value. But that has nothing to do with self-preservation.