Posted: Sep 11, 2018 9:10 am
by wisedupearly
Thommo wrote:
Daily life is founded far more on habit, routine and the satisfaction of basic needs without a broader intellectual framework, in reality.

Quick response. More to follow

Why do you throw away so much of your life as being habit, routine, no broader intellectual framework?
You are not to blame as this attitude is baked into the de facto philosophy of modern Western society. As you are capable of rational thought why wouldn't you want to apply it to all parts of your life?
When you think and act rationally in everyday life you are far from intellectualism as what you are working with and improving is right in front of you. It does NOT depend on the approval of others, only your satisfaction.
You can argue about consciousness and free will until the cows come home to die and you will not have improved your life, your daily life at all.