Posted: Sep 15, 2018 2:16 pm
by surreptitious57

Your true value depends entirely on what you are compared with - Bob Wells

The only comparison should be with yourself because that is ultimately the best and only true measure of self worth
Not self worth as in narcissism or egotism but real honesty pertaining to yourself as a moral being over your lifetime
I know I am a better human being now since time and experience has made me more aware of myself in that regard
But complacency cannot be entertained since there is always room for self improvement regardless of anything else

I may not like looking into the abyss but at least I know what is in there
The only true path to self improvement is to confront ones own demons

Some times they cannot be defeated and so one has to learn to make peace with them instead
Fighting that which is more powerful than yourself is no longer an option when truth is realised

For me it is also realising that I am just passing through and that my existence matters not in the grand scheme of things
Emotional detachment or neutrality are wonderful drivers for my psychological well being and do not make me sad at all

I want to be dead forever just like I was before my parents decided to create me
That was a time of zero suffering so I am glad I will be returning there once again

Human reasoning says that life is preferable to death but nobody actually stops to thinks what the dead may think of this
When the human race is extinct and all are dead no one will complain anymore as everyone will be sans suffering forever