Posted: Oct 18, 2018 11:07 pm
by zoon
ughaibu wrote:
zoon wrote:The results of many thousands of scientific experiments indicate that our brains are determinate mechanisms, and as predictable in principle as any other mechanism.
This isn't true and it never will be true. Imagine if Haynes-type experiments genuinely showed that decisions were completed pre-consciously several seconds before action. If that were the case and the subject had decided "left", then they would act "left". But the researcher could announce "left" and the subject could have been instructed to record their observation of "left" by acting "right", and vice versa. As science requires that researchers can accurately record their observations, almost every time, human behaviour can never be fully predictable.

This argument only holds if the researcher always tells the subject what the predictions of the subject’s behaviour are. I see no reason why the researcher needs to do this?